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We're on a mission to give Service Leavers the best advice possible.

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The Mentor's Charter

  • I will endeavour to do what's best for the veteran at all times. Secondary to this is what's best for my company or myself.
  • I understand that this is career mentoring only - not medical, pastoral, financial or life coaching, etc - and that where the veteran needs additional support, I should seek advice from the mentor programme manager or Project Fortis.
  • I understand that this is a meaningful commitment and may mean I am available to my mentee(s) for a number of hours per month for a significant period, even beyond successful transition (i.e. as long as the relationship is useful).
  • I will endeavour at all times to manage my mentee's expectations regarding my availability and the actions I can/have committed to.
  • I understand that I might be expected to leverage my network, within reason, to help my mentee find a meaningful career.
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