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“I wanted to give something back to society - anyone who wants some support or guidance in how to get a career in BT. I‘ve been in BT for 16 years and found that BT offers many opportunities and skills to succeed.”


“The reason for signing up to Project Fortis, is that I know how difficult it can be adjusting to civilian life, and I would like to offer my help.”

Lee Evans
Finance Systems Manager, Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals Trust

“I want to support ex mil as they make the transition, having made it myself.“


“I have a small group of ex forces friends, many of who now have embarked on successful career paths since leaving the forces, but some who continue to struggle with focus and support. I’m not saying I can work magic, but sometimes just being able to ask questions and explore options with someone listening and steering can make a huge difference.”


“I can offer practical advice on CV tips, interview techniques, my industry/sector and that of financial services.”


”I’m an ex-serviceman myself - I know about the transition into civilian life and some of the hurdles I had to jump through. I want to help others.”

Dean Bunting
Project Manager, BT

“I’m happy to act as a mentor – it will go some way to repaying the ex-military community for the help that I received along the way.”

Miles MBE
Head of Facilities Management

“I’d like to give something back to BT for the career they have given me and the ongoing challenges we still face – I don’t plan to retire anytime soon.”


“I’ve been exploring ways since I joined BT on how I can help some of the forces guys - knowing what a strong connection BT has in doing so. So thrilled to join the programme and I hope I can help out in any way possible.”


“I signed up because I care about Forces redeployment. I’ve spent my entire career within the NHS as a manager - that specialism requires me to have some understanding of activity in a range of clinical and non-clinical health-related fields. I also have an MBA from the London Business School, which opened my eyes a little more to the wider employment world.“

Melinda Stone
Medico-legal Services Manager, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

“Why did I sign up? It’s an easy way to share some of my life experience in the workplace across numerous years and hopefully be able to give some direct, honest guidance and advice for those who have take that tricky step into the ‘real world’.“


“When I left the Army I knew I wanted to do something in the Telecoms industry, but the only advice I had was from people that did not know the industry. If I had had someone to talk to, that understood my anxiety and could translate Civi speak to Military or vice versa, it would have helped me make better decisions in my career path.“


“My 24 years of military experience along with my short 3 years in the telecoms industry - I hope that I can give a little bit of help to someone that I did not get.”


“My career path changed on occasions due to redundancy. The help I received from various sources enabled me to positively encounter these changes and move on. I’m a supporter of all our Armed Forces to which we all owe a great amount of gratitude for our continuing security. I look forward to any assistance and support I can give to the project.”

Stuart Morley
Clinic Management Administrator, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

“My buddy match was perfect and really helped me get the job I wanted at BT. Being connected to someone in BT definitely had an impact on how I performed in my interview and played a big role in them offering me the job.”

Mike Harris
Former Sergeant in the Army, now working for BT

“It has been the most worthwhile project I have ever been associated with… after only a few days I felt part of a working team, participated in all of the meetings and was encouraged to take a hands on approach.”

Mark Ward-Wilkinson
NHS Mentee

“Why did I sign up? It’s an easy way to share some of my life experience in the workplace across numerous years and hopefully be able to give some direct, honest guidance and advice for those who have take that tricky step into the ‘real world’.”

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